ETSA BioCube

Bio-Enzyme (PDB free) Urinal Blocks.

BioCube is suitable for use in most types of urinals as well as stainless steel, porcelain and ceramic troughs. Biological blocks should be used in washrooms/restrooms with a history of odour problems, cleaning or pipe and u-trap problems. Can be used in waterless urinals.

Available in 5kg

Removes the cause of odours
Suitable for most types of urinals and troughs
Prevents blocked traps and pipes
Contains non-pathogenic micro-organisms
Contains a pleasant fragrance that aids in neutralising odours
Cleans the urinal and freshens the toilet cubicle
Non-toxic and harmless to the environment

  • Weight is 40g/block
  • Scent: Pine
  • Appearance: Solid block
  • Biocube lasts +- 14 days